What are the dimensions of the CitiBin kit?

The 2-module CitiBin kit is 54" wide x 29" deep x 40" high. 

The 4-module is 107.25" wide x 29" deep x 40" high.

The 6-module is 160.5" wide x 29" deep x 40" high.

Need a different size? No problem, we can customize CitiBin to your space. Let us know what you have in mind via this form.. 

What is CitiBin made of?

The frames and top doors are aluminum, which doesn’t warp like pressure-treated lumber. The siding/panels are made of a bamboo composite, available in 3 neutral colors. All the components – framing, siding, screws, latches, and feet – were selected because they can endure harsh weather. The CitiBin is so durable, in fact, that we offer a 5-year warranty.

How much does a CitiBin kit cost? 

CitiBin kits start at $3100 for the 2-module enclosure. Delivery and installation in the NYC area starts at $375. Shipping and handling of flat-packed kits are priced according to destination. 

Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes. Discounts are available to trade professionals, property management, and real estate developers. Contact us to discuss your project.  

Which cans work best?

The dimensions are optimized for either two 44-gallon Brute round cans, or three 30-gallon Roughneck rectangular cans.

Does CitiBin require much maintenance?

No! Unlike wood that needs to be cleaned and sealed regularly, the CitiBin is very low maintenance. All that’s needed is a bit of standard cleaning. The bamboo siding will not warp, crack, or rust like wood, plastic, or metal enclosures.

Why do CitiBins have 2 doors?

To make dealing with trash as easy as possible! The top doors allow users to throw garbage and recyclables in the cans on a daily basis; the front doors open so you can drag the cans to the curb on trash pick-up days..

Are there other siding options?

We also offer a Richlite option, a super dense composite of recycled paper and resin, for clients who prefer a more modern look. 

What's the warranty?

Yes, it's 5 years. The CitiBin warranty is extended solely to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. The term of
the warranty is 5 years from date of purchase against defects in material, parts and workmanship under normal use within the specified limitation and capacity. The warranty does not cover theft and shall not apply to defects caused by vandalism, negligence, accident, tampering, improper use, modification or any causes unrelated to defective material and workmanship.
While CitiBin can and has been successfully used as a barrier to rodents, we do not guarantee that it will eradicate an existing rodent problem. Rodent infestations tend to be caused by poor trash hygiene, such as not closing bags and not securing lids, which CitiBin does not solve. We reserve the right to assess the nature of any reported defects within the warranty period and determine the best course of action to remedy the defects. This warranty excludes surface scratches caused by normal wear and tear and slight color fading due to exposure to the elements.